global warming

I was watching the local news tonight, something that I DON’T do very often and they had a special segment on global warming. I know there are many who don’t believe in gb, but I do and the evidence, in my opinion, is quite convincing. My heart aches over how humans are destroying this beautiful planet we call home. We can reverse the adverse effects of global warning if we make a conscious effort to make subtle changes in our life. Educate yourself and see where you can make a difference.  -obr

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Christianity is journey; a path of living a God-conscious life that sees beauty in everything.  It’s more than dogmas, beliefs and traditions.  The mystery and my misunderstanding of God is what keeps me searching.  I’m learning, adapting and changing, but it’s all good because it’s all God.  Don’t be afraid!  Be open!  Be willing!  Be still and know that God is!  -obr

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God doesn’t hate

As I was perusing my Facebook feed this evening (because that’s what you do after supper) I noticed a copious amount of material on the LGBT movement.  Most of the articles were condescending, filled with vitriol towards the LGBT community and those who support them.  Not surprising, the bulk of the loathing came from conservative evangelical Christians.  Why the hatred and disdain for your brothers and sisters in humanity?  Most of these couples that I know (I hate to generalize) live quiet lives, work hard and are good neighbors.  It’s possible that your partner at work, whom you respect and is a vital part of your company’s success, is in a same gender loving relationship, but you just don’t know it.  Would you fire that person because his/her sexual proclivities are toward the same sex?  How does being in a same gender loving relationship hurt or harm our society?  It doesn’t.  I’m writing this because I LOVE ALL people and I believe that God does as well.  The bible states in 1 Jn. 4:8 that God is love.  Love includes, not excludes!  If you feel that you can’t accept same gender loving people, I respect your decision, but please don’t go around shouting from the roof tops about how depraved they are and how, you perceive, that God hates them.  By the way, God doesn’t hate anyone.  It’s better to be silent on this issue than to be destructive, ruining the lives of so many wonderful people.  This is a new day.  Times are changing.  Our generation and future generations aren’t going backwards.  There’s a forward momentum and movement that is radically inclusive, peaceful, loving and accepting and it’s going to continue whether we like it or not.  I believe that God is inviting us to the party where ALL people are gathered and where peace and love prevail.  Be respectful and loving to everyone!!   -obr
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evening rambling

Just got home.  It has been a long and back breaking day.  Evidently  my employers think I’m superman because they continue to give me more work.  I don’t mind working overtime for them because they are good people; people of integrity who will go the extra mile for you, but sometimes you need a break.  I guess I didn’t get enough rest this weekend and I’m still tired.  At any rate, I’m glad to be home with my family, enjoying a cup of coffee and I’m about to indulge in some reading.  Wishing everyone a blessed evening.  :)
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