Who is God?

I believe that God is Love. And I believe that love looks beyond the mistakes and hiccups of life and sees us for who we really are, human beings striving to make the best out of every situation even if it’s misguided. I believe that love doesn’t keep any record of wrong. I believe that grace and mercy are Christmas presents that we get to open and enjoy each day. I believe that God loves everyone! Nobody is excluded from God’s love. I believe that God desires his creation to be just like him in every way. This attitude and behavior will usher in the Shalom of God. -obr

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unity in diversity

I don’t understand why most churches refuse to entertain different theological postures. From my experience, when you start questioning the status-quo you are automatically labeled a person of concern and are put on the radar to be watched carefully. It seems to me that free-thinking is looked down upon in most churches, but a cursory perusal of Jesus reveals that he constantly questioned the questioner. I wonder if Jesus would be welcomed in your church. Remember, (from the Jesus pictures we have ) he had long hair and liked to throw big parties and socialize with immigrants and people who were marginalized by pompous religious leaders. Getting back on point, when was the last time your pastor, preacher or minister shared insight from the bible that made you a little uncomfortable? When was the last time some new “manna” was given? Typically it’s the same message that doesn’t stir the hearts of God’s people, not because it isn’t true, but they’ve heard it for the last 50 years and can preach the sermon if they had to. Yesterday, I was privileged to be part of a theological book discussion. It was indeed a breath of fresh air. As we were talking about this book I noticed that I had a big smile on my face. I thought to myself, why? I thought about it for a minute and suddenly it hit me. Here was a group of believers from various theological backgrounds all coming together and sharing their thoughts about God, the bible, etc. We didn’t all agree, but we listened to one another, loved each other, and tried to glean as much information as we could from one another. Why can’t church be like this? It was very inspirational to me and for the first time in a long time I truly enjoyed being in the presence of believers. My heart longs for this. My prayer is that churches will embrace unity in diversity!! May the peace of God be with you!! -obr


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we are one

I’m so tired of pompous, pious, elitist Christians who think they have mastered God and the bible and thus feel obligated to tell you what God wants. Really! Who made you the authority? Just because you can quote a few bible verses here and there doesn’t mean you quoted them contextually. Mindless repetition of scripture isn’t a sure knowledge of scripture. And, knowing the bible doesn’t save anyone. Most of the time you are parroting what somebody else told you. I’m amazed at the arrogance that I see in some believers. I totally understand why some want to serve and love God outside of the church. People get tired of dealing with all this garbage. You can only be hectored in a church corner so many times before you’ll eventually walk out. The pain and misery of dealing with church politics and the holier than thou attitudes is unbearable and one can only take it for so long. For many, church has become a depressor rather than an encourager. A lot of churches are rude, insensitive and devoid of LOVE. They say they aren’t, but once you get in the truth starts coming out and the “truth will set you free” (a classic way to misapply a bible verse, ha). Christians need to relax and stop worrying about others. As one of my friends said, “keep your ladder in your yard.” In other words, mind your own business.” Once you get your life under control then you can offer me advice. I just wish believers would live with compassion and love. Jesus loves everyone. Everyone was/is invited to the party. We’re all equal. If you continue to act better or holier than everyone you will ALWAYS have contention and your churches will not grow! It’s time to let God love on you.

Evening meditation: We are ALL one and God is love. -obr

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Soar to new heights

“Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity or registering wrongs”-Chartotte Bronte

Life is short. The bible says that your life is but a vapor, it’s appears for a little while and then it’s gone. Given the brevity of life, is it advantageous to us to spend a large majority of our precious and limited time evaluating the actions and attitudes of others who have wronged us? Is it really that important? Does it make sense to waste so much treasured time appraising others? It’s time to move on with life. Soar to new heights!!

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Will of God

What is the will of God? We talk about it, but do we understand it? If you’ve been associated with a Christian community for any length of time I’m sure you’ve heard preachers or bible teachers talk about God’s will. Depending on who you talk to or where you attend, you will find a plethora of definitions and descriptions about God’s will. For many the will of God is tied to a church service. Unfortunately, many are told that you must be at church to be in God’s will and to receive God’s grace and mercy that will cover a “multitude of sins.” Remember, we’re not only talking about Sundays, but midweek bible study and prayer meeting. In this case, the will of God becomes abusive and guilt producing if you’re not at church. This is totally contrary to the love and mercy of God. I’m not suggesting that church is bad, although there are a lot of toxic communities out there, but churchianity has absolutely nothing to do with God’s will. I’ve been richly blessed by the church and I’ve been deceived and lied about by those who frequent the sacred doors every Sunday. I think it’s important to find a community where you fit in and can grow, but let’s not be tricked into thinking that being a pew potato is God’s will and the mechanism through which we are granted grace and mercy! In the next article I will address what I believe to be the will of God. Thanks for reading and Please share! -obr

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don’t stop dreaming

I’m not where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be. Each day we have opportunities to grown and to make our dreams become our reality. Don’t ever stop dreaming!!

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life lessons

It’s a grand day to be alive, even if your day didn’t go as planned. Each day we learn something about ourselves. Be thankful for those lessons. #itsagrandday #bethankfulforlife

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